What are the top 4 stocks right now?  Read on to get our opinion on which of the many stocks out there are the best bet for your money.  Investors interested in reaping handsome profits in the stock market should check out the companies that have made headlines before trading commences:


Apple – A regular top 4 stock

The go-to stock for any respectable top 4 stocks list; official reports show that Apple made a quarterly profit of $2.91 per share, which is above analysts’ estimate of $2.78 per share. Apple’s revenues have also gone up, but the value of its shares may decline because of the reduction in the sales of the iPhone.

The company generated $62.9 billion in revenue in the last quarter, above Wall Street estimate of $61.57 billion.



Starbucks reported a quarterly profit of 62 cents per share, above the estimated profit of 60 cents per share. The value of the company’s share increased by 9% after the announcement. The company generated $6.30 billion in revenue within the same quarter.

Analysts had predicted a revenue of $6.27 billion. Starbucks also triumphed analyst expectations on same-store sales. Same-store sales rose by 3%, above 2.3% analysts predicted.


Weight Watchers

Yet another of the top 4 stocks, Weight Watchers’ shares fell by 13% in the third quarter after the company failed to achieve its projected revenue. Official reports show that the company earned 94 cents per share in the last quarter, which was below analysts’ estimate of 99 cents per share.

Weight Watchers, which recently rebranded to WW also failed to meet its targeted revenue. The company reported a revenue of 366 million in the last quarter, below $379 million Wall Street pundits forecasted.


Kraft Heinz

The value of Kraft Heinz stocks fell by 9% in the last quarter after the company published an unclear report on earnings. The company reported quarterly profit of 78 cents per share, which fell below 81 cents per share Wall Street analysts had predicted.

Concerning revenue, the company beat analysts’ expectations. Kraft Heinz reported a revenue of $6.38 billion in the third quarter, which is higher than analysts’ estimates of $6.31 billion.

Any of these top 4 stocks would make an impressive addition to an investor’s stock portfolio.  Consult your financial advisor to see what their top 4 stocks would be!



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