Investment Brokers.

Looking for the right investment brokers can be a real hassle, especially for starters who are not sure about the qualities to look for. Experts have made it easy by compiling a list of the top 5 investment brokers that provide the highest returns.



Fidelity ensures that traders incur a minimum cost by charging the lowest per-trade fee for stocks traded; additionally, the company doesn’t charge an account fee for investors trading in mutual funds. Moreover, no minimum deposit is required when opening an account.

Fidelity is suitable for beginner investors with modest resources, which makes it the number one investment broker. It charges fees and commissions of $4.95 for stock trade and $1 for bonds.

The investment broker provides new traders with research and education tools that help them improve their skills. The main disadvantage is that the broker doesn’t provide trading of futures contracts.


Ally Invest

This investment broker charges a fee of $4.95 for trading which is at par with other low cost brokerage firms. However, the firm charges $9.95 for trading on no-load mutual funds, which is somehow expensive.


Charles Shwab

Charles Shwab charges a brokerage fee of $4.95 per trade. The company allows traders who invest in ETFs or take part in the Schwab OneSource program to trade commission free; of note,  a minimum of $1000 is required to open an account.


TD Ameritrade

Opening an account with the investment broker doesn’t require a minimum deposit; however, traders who start with big amounts can get $600 in bonus. The company charges a commission of $6.95 per trade for stock traders.



E-trade charges a commission of $6.95, which is higher compared, to other low-cost investment brokers. However, traders making 30 or more trades per quarter pay $4.95 in trading commission. The company allows investors to trade in specific ETFs commission free.

These 5 investment brokers are very popular currently.  If you are looking for an investment broker, any of these are worth checking out.



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