What Are The Top 4 Stocks To Buy In November?

In October, the S&P 500 dropped by 9 percent while the NASDAQ composite fell 12 percent. The volatility in the stock exchange witnessed last month affected the value of many stocks.

However, some stocks remained stable despite the volatility. These stocks are likely to gain even if the volatility continues.


Starbucks Corp

The value of Starbuck stocks is likely to appreciate in the future, even if the volatility at the stock market continues. Analysts believe that Starbucks will continue to gain because China represents the biggest growth opportunity for the company. This is the only company in our top 4 stocks to buy in November that made an appearance on our earlier top 4 stocks list.

Starbucks resembles what Warren Buffet considers ideal stock: “a great company trading at a fair price.”


MFA Financial

The main reason MFA is considered the best investment option for November is its huge dividend. The company pays a dividend of 11.6 percent per year.

Moreover, the company has a tendency to bounce back every time its stocks fall below $7 since 2011. Investing in high-dividend stocks lowers the risk for long-term investors.


Public Service Enterprise Group (PEG)

PEG is not one of those glamorous high value stocks most investors opt for. Nevertheless, PEG has a loyal customer base regardless of economic performance. This means that the company is stable with predictable cash flow.

The company pays a dividend of 3.3 percent using 40 percent of its revenue. In October, when the stocks of most tech companies fell by 10 percent or more, PEG registered a 4 percent gain.


Kroger Co. (KR)

Kroger is the biggest traditional supermarket in the U.S. Most investors consider Kroger a defensive stock. Kroger Co. is among the most lucrative stocks to buy in November because of its cheap valuation and business efficiency.

The company will continue to grow because Americans will always buy household stuff regardless of the status of the company.



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