ROCKLAND COUNTY, N.Y., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Bueno Dynasty is Rockland and Orange County’s newest food delivery service. Even with fierce competition from established delivery providers, they’re continuing to grow their number of partnerships with local restaurants and national brands — numbering over 25 partnerships already established this year, only a few months after their launch.

In 2019, the average New Yorker spent $3,470 per year on dining out, and in 2016, 20% of people surveyed used a food delivery service once a week. It can be easily surmised that these numbers have significantly increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the reason for The Bueno Dynasty’s success may not just be a result of the growing need for delivery service, but with the company’s focus on local communities and creating symbiotic relationships.

The Bueno Dynasty only charges restaurant partners 25% commission on each delivery in comparison to GrubHub and DoorDash who charge 35-40% commission. What’s more, The Bueno Dynasty offers free delivery which means that there are no hidden fees for restaurants or their customers.

Also worthy of comparison is the charge for setting up the partnership: The Bueno Dynasty charges a one-time fee versus competitors whose activation prices cost restaurants $350-400. For restaurants who operate with very little margin to begin with during a normal year, The Bueno Dynasty is giving local businesses a break during the pandemic which has proved fatal for so many businesses, especially for small, local establishments.

For the The Bueno Dynasty, it isn’t just their local partnerships that show their interest in the community, but is also their non-profit BD Cares. BD Cares is about offering wounded vets, the disabled, and elderly the services that they need to help them get the medications they need without being forced to move to assisted living. To support their charity, delivery services customers can give $1 or $2 at check towards the program.

About The Bueno Dynasty:

The Bueno Dynasty is a local food delivery service serving Rockland and Orange Counties in New York. Those who wish to order using their service can download their app or order through their website. The Bueno Dynasty offers affordable delivery. They also use a special delivery bag to maintain food’s temperature and each food container is secured with a “The Bueno Dynasty” sticker.

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