May 29, 2022

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Fisker Teases New 4-Door Convertible Ronin EV With Around 550-600 Miles of Range

Henrik Fisker is a busy guy. You probably know him best as the man behind the Fisker Karma and maybe also as the dude who designed the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. Soon, you’ll know him as the guy whose name is plastered across the back of the forthcoming Fisker Ocean electric SUV, and on Wednesday, he debuted his next technological terror on Instagram, the Fisker Ronin.

The Ronin makes its debut as a design render with a few claimed figures. The EV manufacturer is targeting a range of over 550 miles and a price tag in the neighborhood of $200,000. It also plans to give the Ronin a structural battery pack, kind of like the one that Tesla has been working on with its 4680 battery development program. Fisker is targeting a 0-60 time of around 2 seconds with tri-motor-power like the Plaid Teslas, and 550 to 600 miles of range.

It’s hard to tell from this second teaser image, but this bad boy has four doors.


The rendering doesn’t give us much else to go on, besides looking like a screen capture from a PS1-era Need For Speed game. The proportions we can see look decidedly Karma-like with the exaggerated long hood and bubble-like passenger space.

Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess — or rather, it would have been if Henrik hadn’t published a second teaser image on Thursday. That’s right gang, this thing is supposed to be a four-door convertible car, which hasn’t really happened since the Lincoln Continental of the 1960s (if you don’t count SUVs like the Jeep or the Bronco). 

Fisker claims it will show a prototype of the vehicle in August 2023, so, provided that Fisker stays in business that long (I joke, though its track record hasn’t been great), we have that to look forward to, probably at Car Week in Monterey.

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