July 3, 2022

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2023 Chevy Colorado Pickup Teased In Off-Road ZR2 Trim

Earlier this spring GMC released the first teaser for the next-generation Canyon pickup, and now Chevrolet is starting the teaser campaign for its Colorado variant. Chevy posted a video to social media that shows brief clips of a 2023 Colorado hooning around a desert, giving us a good glimpse into some of the redesigned pickup’s design features.

The Colorado in the video is the off-road ZR2 trim, and it looks to have a bunch of factory accessories. The new Colorado’s square grille is flanked by horizontal headlights that look much more modern than what’s on the current truck, and overall the front end is both less boring and more truck-like. This Colorado has a “Safari Bar” brush guard attached to the front bumper, which the video says could impede the Colorado’s surround-view cameras, a feature that isn’t offered on the current Colorado.

Around back the new Colorado has a huge Chevrolet script across the sculpted tailgate, and taillights that look super similar to what’s on the refreshed Silverado. There’s a large roll bar with an LED light bar attached to it, and this beige ZR2 also has black stripes on the front fenders, plastic fender flares and black wheels with chunky tires. We can’t see much of the interior, but it looks like the Colorado may have a digital gauge cluster.

Chevy says the 2023 Colorado will make its full debut on July 28. Expect the redesigned truck to have updated powertrains, improved chassis components and a (hopefully) much nicer interior. The GMC Canyon counterpart will also be revealed this summer, though an exact date has yet to be announced.

In case you didn’t know what kind of truck this was.