June 26, 2022

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Time is Money: Getting a Business Loan Doesn’t Have to Take Months – Stocks News Feed

BRENTWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2022 / Getting a business loan can be a long and complex process. SBA loans, especially, are notorious for taking a few months to go through- which can be a big problem for a business owner who needs money as soon as possible.

For borrowers, the most frustrating part of the process is a toss-up between anxiety about eligibility for a loan and the actual disbursement of the requested capital.

In the opinion of Anthony Segovia, CEO of Brentwood lending firm LendOne, the biggest challenges that business owners face are related to time, rather than money – which makes the process of acquiring a business loan all the more frustrating.

“The future of finance is changing every day – you have to be able to adapt,” Segovia explains. For LendOne, that means anticipating the needs of borrowers and streamlining the borrowing process, allowing borrowers to access money much sooner via an automated process.

The typical SBA loan process involves plenty of paperwork, with the borrower submitting a large amount of documents that often take lenders weeks or months to even review to determine whether they’re eligible to receive the loan or not.

LendOne’s process is simple: potential borrowers submit the necessary documents, and the LendOne system automatically scans them, assigning a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more likely they are to receive the requested loan. This automated service completes the process in seconds rather than months, and it means that borrowers can receive funding in as little as 24 hours after application.

All of this is part of the business plan for LendOne; the company is focused on staying ahead of the curve to stand out from competitors and keep business owners happy and able to focus on business operations rather than tedious paperwork and the worry about whether they will be able to access the capital they need to keep things moving.

“You have to adapt to the markets and stay on top of what your competitors are doing, or not doing,” Anthony Segovia explains. Just like any business has to set itself apart from the crowd in order to succeed, LendOne has to stand out in a sea of other lenders and consultants.

According to Segovia, the primary benefit of LendOne is the speed and efficiency with which they handle every customer interaction, in addition to excellent customer service. While the loan eligibility process is automated, customer service inquiries are not, which means that every customer who has questions about the borrowing process gets to speak with an agent who’s knowledgeable about the process, giving them peace of mind about loan terms and anything else they may have inquiries about.

LendOne doesn’t just offer SBA loans- they’re approved by a multitude of lenders and deal with merchant cash advance loans, lines of credit, invoice financing, start-up loans, and many more.

For business owners hesitant to make the plunge into taking out a loan, Anthony Segovia would like you to know that working with an experienced loan consultant can help you obtain a loan that works with you and your business- with interest rates and fees that make the most sense for your specific situation.

LendOne advises that before starting the process of taking out a loan, borrowers have a good sense of their current personal credit scores and business credit situation. You’ll have a much more difficult time finding a willing lender if you have a poor personal credit score, or if your business has a lot of outstanding debts or unpaid bills- but don’t panic.

Working with a consultant might make the difference between securing a loan and having to go without it, since loan consultants have established relationships with lenders that may allow them to offer some leniency. They’ll also most likely be able to connect you with a loan that focuses on factors other than just your credit score.

Whatever your business needs, credit score, and personal circumstances, there are lenders who will be willing to work with you. It’s just a question of finding the right consultant- services like LendOne can connect you with the right lender within seconds, eliminating the months of guesswork typical of most business loans.

For more information, visit lendone.net, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, or reach out to Anthony Segovia at [email protected].


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