August 16, 2022

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ShopParty (Shop Party) Announces Strategic Alliance With Former White House Attorney And Indian Magic CEO Petra Smeltzer Starke To Bring Live Commerce And Sustainable Development To The Field Of eCommerce – Stocks News Feed

STANFORD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2022 / ShopParty (Shop Party), a US-based live commerce solution provider. Founded by Anna Vladymyrska at Stanford University in 2020, Shopparty’s state-of-the-art tech solution is designed to provide a seamless experience of Livestream shopping and shoppable videos, today announced a strategic alliance with former White House Senior Adviser and Attorney and Indian Magic CEO Petra Smeltzer Starke to bring Live Commerce and Sustainable Development to the field of eCommerce

Petra Smeltzer Starke will work with ShopParty’s CEO Anna Vladymyrska and the executive team to bring world-class practice across multiple areas involving Sustainable Development, Social and Organizational Engagement, and more.

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About Petra Smeltzer Starke:

Petra Smeltzer Starke’s phenomenal career started from studying international business, trade, and diplomacy at the Prague School of Economics while supporting herself as a model. Petra’s passion for Fashion translates into her modeling successes notwithstanding, Starke finished both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the top of her class and moved to the United States to attend law school at Georgetown University.

Starke was first in her class in law school & practiced law at the international law firm of O’Melveny & Myers, LLP representing many political nominees and appointees during the Bush Administration. Starke was subsequently recruited for the Obama Presidential Transition and later the Obama White House where she served as General Counsel to the White House Council of Economic Advisors and Senior Advisor to the President. Starke has Counseled American Presidents, and global Diplomatic Leaders around the world, and established a phenomenal international network. Starke’s expertise helped the Biden-Harris Transition Team – ethics and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Petra Smeltzer Starke served on Obama’s transition team and later she served as General Counsel to the White House Council of Economic Advisors and Senior Advisor to President Obama.

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Petra says: “it is an honor for me to support Anna’s vision for the future of Shopping. I was proud as CEO of Indian Magic to have our health, beauty, and well-being line of products partnering and growing from ShopParty and its remarkable platform.”

“The future of e-commerce will center around the use of advanced technologies that became available with the rise of high-speed internet and 5G, and we are focused on providing our clients with ways to the future in a consistent and fashion industry-friendly way,” said Anna Vladymryska, ShopParty’s’s founder and CEO, “Furthermore, we at Shop Party, believe this alliance with Petra Smeltzer Starke will significantly improve business opportunities enabling ShopParty’s Sustainable Development mission beyond borders on a global scale…” is a United States-based private company, that does not provide services to clients in restricted or sanctioned areas. Please see and learn more about our global brands, technology, and events.

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