July 6, 2022

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Quentelle, LLC Discusses The Challenges Employers Face When Trying to Comply with Volatile, Application Intensive and Legally Complex State Unemployment Taxes – Stocks News Feed

MIDDLETOWN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2022 / Among all forms of corporate taxation, few are as complex and intensive as are State Unemployment taxes. This quarter, Quentelle, LLC, a leader in innovative HR technology, discusses the challenges that modern corporations face with regards to State Unemployment Tax compliance.

State Unemployment Tax: an evolving minefield of regulatory frameworks

Considered among the most application intensive, volatile, and legally complex of all forms of corporate taxation, state unemployment tax can be a challenging and resource-heavy task for corporations to comply with.

State unemployment tax calculations are often complex, nuanced and require consideration of a multitude of variables. Adding to the murky waters is the fact that states are often guilty of issuing incorrect tax calculation rates to employers based on inaccurate data.

Individual State Requirements

Due quarterly, this employer-based tax is recalculated annually, with each of the fifty states imposing their own distinctive tax legislation. Complying with each state’s tax code is a daunting enough task for businesses without accounting for annual legislative updates to tax legislation at the state level.

Non-Compliance is a Mistake Corporations Can’t Afford Make

Failure to comply with the nation’s ever-evolving tax legislation nationwide can result in extreme penalties that can put corporations in difficult financial positions. Levies can strike hard and fast, having a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, cash flow, and reputation.

Yet despite the serious impact unemployment tax has on a corporation’s bottom line, few companies take proactive steps to ensure compliance and optimize workflows to avoid penalties, while taking advantage of every tax-saving opportunity.

Tax Management Services and Consulting

Known for its expertise and innovative human resources technology, Quentelle has partnered with ValeU Group, a full-service unemployment tax management consulting firm to offer its clients a comprehensive solution for successfully navigating state unemployment and other tax issues.

State Unemployment Consulting

Consulting is offered on a flexible fee-based structure, on a per-project basis, on the contingency of savings secured, or on a flat annual retainer.

As a proactive consulting firm, clients can benefit from a rigorous and meticulous review of compliance, performance audits, and cost-savings optimization strategies proven to keep corporations compliant while bolstering the bottom line.

Tax Rate Filing, Audit, and Appeals

Experienced consultants comb through state tax rate calculations to ensure all benefit charges, taxes, taxable payroll, and employment history are all accurately reflected on any notices received.

In the event of inaccuracies, ValeU Group consultants will appeal on behalf of the client any penalty or assessments assigned.

Unemployment Claims Management and Administration

Powered by innovative technology and backed by combined decades of experience, Quentelle’s unemployment claims administration and management platform enable employers to administer UI (Unemployment Insurance) claims efficiently, comply with state guidelines and deadlines, and keep UI Tax costs down.

About ValeU Group

ValeU Group is a privately- owned full-service Unemployment Tax Management consulting firm. They value themselves as a true “Business Partner”, developing long-lasting relationships with clients, instead of simply being another vendor or service provider. ValeU Group consultants are experts in the state laws and tax rate calculations in all states and understand that if unemployment taxes are skillfully and proactively managed, there is substantial savings available annually.

About Quentelle

Both disruptive and innovative in its space, Quentelle is known for its leading-edge HR technology platform and HR suite that helps digitize critical functions for employers and yield unrivaled operational efficiencies for client services.

Responsive, cost-effective, and innovative, Quentelle has earned a reputation for ‘outside the box’ HR solutions that push past the cutting edge to anticipate future challenges surrounding HR and cybersecurity.

Serving a broad range of clients, Quentelle delivers a robust suite of proven solutions powered by its award-winning platform, with a goal of improving operational efficiency, HR departmental performance, cost reduction, compliance, and security.

Those interested in learning more about Quentelle or its solutions are encouraged to reach out via its official website or by calling 888-565-5515.

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