June 26, 2022

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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2022 / A happy family with a home has one thing in mind: securing their financial future. Many families in Canada think the straightest path to ensuring financial stability for the future is by buying into “highly effective” financial planning products. However, the reality is that financial planning products like mutual funds will likely only get you a measly 7% in returns. That sure doesn’t sound like a breakthrough for your family’s financial future.

The real financial opportunity is in real estate. High property values and the associated equity give homeowners today a unique opportunity to expand or invest in real estate and net your family returns of 25% and up. Easier said than done? We have just the company that can guide you through every step and help you get it done.

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True Wealth Mortgages, formerly Mortgages By Dion, is an Ontario-based mortgage company founded and led by Dion Beg, a veteran mortgage agent with 15 years of experience in the property and finance industry who is also a certified trainer with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board and the Ontario Real Estate Association, and part of the top 75 mortgage agents in Canada. True Wealth Mortgages offers the full range of usual mortgage services, but its specialty lies in helping families build wealth and increase net worth through property investment. The company’s mission statement says it best: We help future-focused families create and implement a personalized real estate plan so they can stop worrying about money and reach their financial freedom, all while still living an amazing life today.

The True Wealth Mortgages founder tells us that most homeowning families might live in a false sense of security, waiting for the “sinking feeling” of a falling financial trajectory before seeking help. “Our clients usually suffer from uncertainty regarding their financial future and if they will be able to hit their goals,” Dion began. “​​We have built our mortgage business around the idea of solving the three biggest financial issues/goals that most Canadian families have, namely debt freedom, setting up their kids’ education and entry into homeownership, and finally, retirement. Property investment is the answer to all of those problems. We teach our clients how to access equity from their family home to go off and build significant real estate portfolios. Some families just need one extra house.” He concluded.

The Ontario-based company strives to provide clients with custom property investment strategies that work according to their needs and goals. The company’s upcoming project, a property investment coaching course, further emphasizes its dedication to guiding clients in the best way possible. Dion explained in detail, “Our upcoming course will deliver the key ideas and concepts that our team has gathered working in this world of real estate over the last 15 years. It will teach you how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and create hundreds of thousands of dollars in wealth. In this 5-week course, we’ll teach you how to invest in real estate to pay off your family home in 10 years, pay for your kids’ schooling, and build extra wealth for retirement. This course is for any novice or newcomer property investor, specifically for homeowners with equity in their property who want to start or grow their portfolio but are unsure of the next steps. Once you’ve completed the course, you will gain clarity on the state of your finances and a clear path to move forward. You will leave knowing how you can strategically use property investment to reach debt freedom faster and build inter-generational wealth.”

Building wealth to ensure your family’s financial future isn’t a walk in the park, but having the guidance and support of the finance and property experts at True Wealth Mortgages will undoubtedly help you make all the right decisions. Reach your financial goals and prepare your family’s future fortune ASAP with highly profitable property investments. Schedule a call with the team at True Wealth Mortgages today to get started.

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About True Wealth Mortgages:
True Wealth Mortgages is an Ontario-based mortgage company that offers the full suite of mortgage financing services. They specialize in catering to future-focused families, helping them build lasting wealth through real estate.

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