SmileDirect Club: The $8bn braces firm boosted by selfies

In the age of the selfie, smiles are paramount. Now American company SmileDirectClub has set out to profit.SmileDirectClub sells mail-order teeth aligners - a type of clear, plastic braces that the firm has turned into an $8bn (£6.5bn) business.The company, which...

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Canada police employee charged under national security act

Canada's top police organisation has charged one of its senior officials with violating national security laws.Cameron Ortis, a civilian member of the RCMP, is accused of breaching the Security of Information Act and the Criminal Code.Few other details have been...

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China is rolling back tariffs on US pork and soybeans.

China announced it would start buying more soybeans and pork from the United States. Beijing will allow Chinese businesses to purchase a “certain amount of farm products such as soybeans and pork” from the US.Both pork and soybeans have been subject to heavy duties,...

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House Democrats step up Trump impeachment inquiry

House Democrats step up Trump impeachment inquiry

A US congressional committee has voted to press ahead with an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. The Democratic-controlled House Committee on the Judiciary voted along strict party lines to designate certain hearings as impeachment sessions.The panel says...

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