May 20, 2022

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Tyrus: Elon Musk’s temporary ‘hold’ on Twitter takeover is about exposing the tech giant

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Fox News contributor Tyrus  challenged the idea that Elon Musk is backing out of his Twitter takeover on “The Five.” after the billionaire announced the deal is “on hold.”

TYRUS: I think he’s exposing more of their what’s the word… there we go, or BS. So, they’re saying it’s (the number of fake Twitter accounts} less than 5%, and I do think it’s a lot bigger number than that. I think a lot of those things that we see on Twitter are pushed by fake accounts, bots and fake algorithms. So he’s going to expose and people will start seeing that maybe that number is like 20%, which makes a huge difference when you look at how information has been pushed forward. It only furthers his cause to why he needs to buy it. And it’s a cause. Let’s face it, the woke are a lot of things, but the woke ain’t going broke. Every one of those stockholders, they want those chips. Yeah, but he’s going to, before you go, the people are going to see your real face. That’s what I think this is about.