July 5, 2022

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The Best Showerheads To Upgrade Your Bathroom To True Luxury

In apartment after apartment, I’d always just accepted as fate the mediocre water pressure that came out of my lime-encrusted showerhead. The idea of installing a better one of my choice was intimidating, especially for someone like me who has no plumbing knowledge and limited experience when it comes to tools.

Turns out, swapping your showerhead for something a little more updated is a simple luxury that anyone can make happen. There are many fancy and multi-feature showerheads available on the market that are compatible with your existing plumbing systems and faucet arm and simply require screwing and unscrewing.

The following list includes these fool-proof installation options, each one with the ability to add a touch of spa to your bathroom at home. Find high pressure showerheads with built-in water filters, environmentally conscious fixtures that track water usage and overhead rain towers with adjustable massage jets.

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