May 19, 2022

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Censorship-free web browser launches for conservatives with an emphasis on free speech

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EXCLUSIVE – TUSK, a censorship-free web browser for conservatives with an emphasis on free speech, launched on Tuesday, allowing users to “browse right” on the internet. 

TUSK founder and Virtual World Computing CEO Jeff Bermant feels “most popular browsers and search engines are inherently left-leaning and biased” and he wanted to create a place where conservatives can see what like-minded people are saying. 

“TUSK was developed with the idea of free speech, because if you go to other browsers and you go to their news feeds, you’ll find that its center left or it’s left and you weren’t getting the full story,” Bermant told Fox News Digital. 


Bermant, who was inspired by the work of high-profile conservatives such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, believes that right-leaning news organizations weren’t easy to find through popular search engines that millions of Americans rely on. TUSK is a private browser intended to bring free speech and provide conservative information that Bermant created after Levin called for conservatives to fight back against what he calls American Marxists. 

“One of the things I have a talent of is knowing how to build browsers… We built a news feed that is basically a conservative news feed and we built what you would call the links or the tiles. Instead of populating them with some brands you might want to buy, we populated them with conservative sites,” Bermant said. “You know, tech, or the web, is basically controlled by liberals.”

Because of liberals controlling tech, Bermant believes many conservative news organizations are buried and hard to find using traditional search engines such as Google. “There wasn’t an easy place to go,” he said. 


Bermant feels TUSK can help change the web-browsing experience for conservatives. 

Jeff Bermant

“It’s really needed because otherwise you don’t really realize that you’re being censored,” he said. “You’re not seeing the news that you want.” 

Bermant said many conservative websites get placed on the third or fourth page of results when a user is searching for something on traditional search engines, even if the article is exactly what they were looking for. 

“As the scientists know who built the web, you won’t go to that page,” he said. 

Unlike other search engines, TUSK doesn’t monitor users, collect data to sell for profit or create profiles. 

“We want to respect your privacy,” Bermant said, noting that a portion of proceeds from sponsored ads will go to veterans’ groups. 

“Most popular browsers and search engines are inherently left-leaning and biased,” according to TUSK’s founder. 

While TUSK targets conservatives and provides easy access to right-leaning information, users can also find liberal news organizations on the search engine if they want to simply by pushing a few buttons. 


“We’re all about free speech,” Bermant said. “We want you to see what the other side is saying… we built this for free speech because we felt that basically Americans are being censored in their browsers, in their search engines.”

TUSK is available for download for mobile and desktop devices by visiting the App store or tuskbrowser.com. 

Fox News’ Matthew Wall contributed to this report.