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Sexual harassment: 'I was terrified to report it'

When Neta Meidav was sexually harassed at work aged 22, she felt it was easier to quit her job than report it to human resources. But more than a decade later, the #MeToo movement came along, kicked off by rape and sexual harassment accusations against movie mogul...

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How the chocolate bar became a million dollar idea

Nowadays, the world spends close to $100bn a year on chocolate bars, making them one of the most popular snacks in history.But for centuries, chocolate had only been a drink. No one knew a way of making it into a solid food. That is until a 19th Century Englishman -...

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The art dealer making jewellery from e-waste

Eliza Walter, 26, works as a gallery manager for a post-war and contemporary art gallery in Mayfair. But in her spare time she also designs, creates and sells jewellery made with e-waste - precious metals salvaged from discarded technology.Read more: What's your 'side...

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Mega-merger faces crunch decision

A key decision that could reshape the UK's supermarket sector is due shortly, with Sainsbury's and Asda waiting to hear if their proposed merger can go ahead.Should the deal go through, the combined group would knock Tesco off its perch as the UK's biggest supermarket...

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Huawei: Tackling security concerns may take five years

It will take three to five years for Huawei to address security issues raised by the UK government, the company has said.The Chinese firm, which has earmarked $2bn (£1.5bn) for the process, outlined the timetable in a letter to MPs. Huawei, the world's biggest...

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