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Roger Stone spared jail over crosshairs-on-judge post

Roger Stone spared jail over crosshairs-on-judge post

Long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone has been spared jail after posting a photo of gun crosshairs over a judge.But Judge Amy Berman Jackson slapped Mr Stone with a strict gag order that bars him from public comment on his case.Mr Stone had posted on Instagram an...

Drone no-fly zone to be widened after Gatwick chaos

The no-fly zone for drones around airports is to be extended following the disruption at Gatwick in December, the government says.From 13 March it will be illegal to fly a drone within three miles of an airport, rather than the current 0.6-mile (1km) exclusion...

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When class sizes fall so does teachers' pay

Making class sizes smaller sounds like a success story.But an international analysis of its impact shows unintended consequences - it often seems to mean lower pay for teachers and there isn't much evidence that it brings better results.Reducing class sizes has been a...

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Gender pay gap grows at hundreds of big firms

Four in 10 private companies that have published their latest gender pay gap are reporting wider gaps than they did last year, according to BBC analysis.The BBC looked at a company's median pay gap - that is the difference in pay between the middle-ranking woman and...

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'Killer car seats' sold online for £8

Children's car seats, dubbed "killers" by trading standards officers, have repeatedly appeared for sale on online marketplaces, Which? has warned.The consumer group said the fabric seats, which can cost as little as £8, offered almost no protection in a crash and were...

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The community that rejected Amazon

A day after Amazon announced it would abandon controversial plans to build a new campus in New York City, the neighbourhood selected for the expansion was still in shock.At Manducatis Rustica, an Italian restaurant on the local high street that was established in...

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Brumadinho dam collapse: Eight arrests at Brazil's Vale

Eight employees of the Brazilian mining giant Vale have been arrested as part of the criminal investigation into the breaking of a dam last month. The breaking of the Feijao dam, which was used to collect mining waste, killed at least 166 people in the town of...

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