June 26, 2022

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Forbes hires four BuzzFeed tech news staffers – Talking Biz News

Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane sent out the following on Wednesday:


When we announced last month that John Paczkowski would join Forbes to lead our Technology coverage, we discussed how this was just the beginning of something amazing.

Well, amazing starts today. I’m thrilled to report that four superstars who have learned and excelled under John at Buzzfeed News will be joining us at Forbes in the coming weeks.

John’s deputy Katharine Schwab will join as Senior Editor, to help develop proprietary investigations and value-added journalism. Katharine is a force, who’s fostered incredible reporting both at BuzzFeed News and, before that, Fast Company, where she helped lead their Tech coverage. Her reporters love working with her, and I’m confident our team will here, as well. As she’s based in Brooklyn, she will also give us even more bicoastal balance.

We are also hiring three new writers. Emily Baker-White has an unusual background for a reporter, and one that makes her special: she’s a Harvard-trained lawyer who worked at Facebook and Spotify, and now merges her insiders’ understanding with a legal/research discipline to generate amazing scoops. Just last week, she revealed how she had listened in on 80 internal TikTok meetings around Chinese access to US data, a story which made waves worldwide. Expect more of that groundbreaking work here.

Sarah Emerson is another powerhouse who mixes quick, smart scoops and long-term features. She’s done great work in crypto (ask her who stole Seth Green’s Bored Ape). She’s mixed that combination of enterprise and investigations ably at OneZero and Vice, and somehow manages to speak with a voice that’s both very important and very funny.

Rich Nieva is yet another standout beat reporter, who chases both larger investigations and quick scoops. He was previously at CNET, PandoDaily and Fortune, and is known and feared (respectfully) among the Silicon Valley giants. It was Rich who broke the news of former Google CEO and Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt severing his final ties with the company. He’s terrific.

Having met this entire group, I can attest to the person that they, under the leadership of John and Katharine, will combine with our already excellent squad of reporters and editors to form the best Tech team in journalism. I can’t wait for everyone to get started!